Teachers work in an occupation that involves considerable emotional labour. Students and teachers are constantly interacting and creating situations to which both react based on their own emotional influences…. leading to job dissatisfaction, health symptoms and emotional exhaustion.

By becoming aware of their own emotional influences – ie affect tendencies (the way they view the world), core affect (the way they feel at any particular point in time) and the judgments they make during classroom transactions – teachers will become more adept at understanding and responding to classroom situations with which they might struggle. (P.A. Schutz et all, 2009)

TalkingTA offers workshops that provide teachers opportunities for individual growth and personal development:

Staying Calm in the Classroom

Using the latest in neuroscience and attachment theory, and supported with simple yet powerful models from Transactional Analysis, this workshop will provide teachers with information and practical strategies on ways to remain calm when dealing with the challenges that are present in the everyday life of the classroom.

TAPATE modules: 

  • Module 1: Interactions How to recognise, and change, the patterns of behaviour in the ways in which we interact with students, parents and colleagues. (TA concepts: Ego-states and transactions)
  • Module 2: Understanding attitudes Understanding the decisions we make about ourselves, others and our view of the world, and how this plays out in the classroom. (TA concepts: Life positions and strokes)
  • Module 3: Working styles Identifying what drives you and how this affects your work, and what stresses you and how to deal with it. (TA concept: Drivers)
  • Module 4: Managing Conflict The psychological games that teachers and students play – how to avoid them, how to understand why we play them, and what to do instead. (TA concepts: Time structuring and psychological games)

Completion of these four modules leads towards the Transactional Analysis Proficiency Award for Teachers and Educators (TAPATE). This award is operated internationally by the Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis (IDTA)

These modules are also available as individual workshops as required.

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