About TA

TA is a theory of communication and personality and a wide-ranging set of models and techniques that can be used by individuals and groups to help themselves and others to grow and develop to their full potential. The underlying philosophy is one of self and mutual respect and caring.

Examples of TA core concepts:

Ego States: The personality can be divided into three parts, each part consisting of a set of related thoughts, feelings and behaviours. These parts are called ego states. Each person has three ego states: Parent, Adult and Child. Our ego states are unique to each of us because of our life experiences.


Transactions: A transaction is a two-way communication consisting of a stimulus and a response between two or more people. A complementary transaction occurs when one person invites, and receives, a response from a particular ego state in the other person. Communication is then open and may continue.

Strokes: A stroke is a unit of recognition.   Whenever someone recognises you, or what you are doing, they are giving you a stroke. This can be by a look, a smile,  words or a touch.

Positive unconditional strokes are the basis of good health – self-esteem, confidence and resilience. Conditional positive strokes can encourage achievement. Unconditional negative strokes are toxic and destructive.